This is how the police in the USA handle someone who is “resisting”.  Notice his “resistance”.

The eagerness with which the rotund cop scampered in to tase the unarmed black man with his hands in the air further serves to demonstrate how so many cops join the force for power-tripping opportunities to dish out abuse just like this.

the american police forces’ relationship with the black man summed up in this gif.

god the way that guy just comes toddling in like “nyeh! I got him” just infuriates me

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Crutches? They are my new accessories —Crown Princess Victoria while in Germany (January 2014)

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2014 spoiler: I still won't have a boyfriend
2014 spoiler: It's because I'm gay
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Please vote for my friend to meet Demi


Guys, I don’t ask you to do much for me. I never ask you to vote for me for things. But my friend loves Demi so much. She means so much to him and all I want is to see him happy and meet her. If you could click the link and reblog this I would forever be in your debt. As sweet, caring, friendly Swifties can we please help this Lovatic out?

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5:24am // 10:50pm

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I went to college and couldn’t get a fluffy chicken even though i had 500,000 notes, but since then, i decided that college is too hard for me and instead of getting a fluffy chicken, if this post gets 500,000 notes I’m going to turn into a fluffy chicken like this one to avoid the stresses of college


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oh my gosh i fuckin love taylor swift because if she likes an artist she will be the only person in the fucking room standing up and clapping like what in the hell this girl is great

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Arctic Monkeys for GQ Magazine.

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